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E-B Studies is an interdisciplinary field encompassing psychology, sociology, culture studies, architecture, planning, interior design and other fields of research endeavors, which address the relationship of user/s in his myriad hues and the influences of the built environs upon him. The field encompasses technical, functional and behavioural realm of the built and their impact upon those using them.

Architectural research in India is in a nascent stage, and despite our country's formidable pan-Asian presence, contributions from India are still few and far in between. There is need for more encouragement. Nevertheless, there has been a reassuring rise in doctoral registrations in recent years.

There are many international organizations that promote E-B studies world wide Such associations are of significance as publication is the major plank of any serious research work, and many of these are linked to a journal of repute.

ABRA stands for Association of Behavioural Researchers on Asians. This is based at the Universiti Technologi at Mara in Malaysia and has affiliations across the globe. Together they form a network of dedicated academicians and researchers in the field of Environment Behaviour Studies in Asian and the Asia-Pacific region. ABRA India (ABRA-i) is its Indian outreach.

The association is host to many international conferences. The Asian Conference of Environ-Behaviour Studies is also associated with two peer-reviewed journals:

ajE-Bs (Asian Journal of Environment-Behaviour Studies) and jAB-s (Journal of Asian Behavioural Studies).
While conference proceedings are published online in Elsevier Procedia Social & Behavioural Sciences, selected papers get published in the journals, which are indexed by Thomson-Reuters CPCI.

Being a predominantly Asian journal, the issues and concerns are identifiable and reviews are thus more relevant. This is a great platform for networking and collaborating with other researchers working in similar ground situations. Conferences are held mostly in Asian countries, making attending them practical and economical. The similarity in ground situations, cultural and economical makes for a relevant exchange of notes and collaborations. Being part of ABRAi offers benefits of a symbiotic networking, co-authoring books and also playing host to an international conference as a member association.

The Center of Excellence of PIADS is the current head quarters of ABRA India (ABRA-i). We welcome you all to join us and be a part of our community of committed researchers.

Contact persons:

Prof. Dr. Smita Khan
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