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On 10th August, 2015, a book written by Prof. A.L. Chhatre translated by Prof. Ramesh Bhambani was officially released by the hands of Ar. Uday Gadkari, President COA, & Dr. Satish Chaturvedi, Chairman LTJSS at the PIADS campus.

Prof. A.L. Chhatre and Prof. M.W. Indapawar two very noble and great teachers in the Department of Architecture V.R.C.E (now V.N.I.T) published a book in marathi language named as "VASTU PARISEVA WA SADHNE" in 1981. As a tribute to these two legends in architecture education Prof. Ramesh G. Bhambhani of PIADS not only translated this book in English but also updated it with latest technological updates.

This revised edition is named as "BUILDING SERVICES AND EQUIPMENTS" which is published by priyadarshini institute of architecture and design studies. This book proved to be a useful source of information on the subject of building services and equipments, especially to students of architecture and practicing architects.


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The wide - ranging clarity both Prof. Bhambhani and Mokha possess is absolute. Having practised as sincere and meticulous professionals has given them a strong comprehension over the practical aspects of their special domain - Building Specifications.

All their scrupulous experiences have undoubtedly catalysed the formation of the content base for this book.

The principal forte of the book undoubtedly is its characteristic feature of a systematic sequence of knowledge unwrapping. Prof. Bhambhani and Mokha have taken substantial and painstaking efforts to ensure that every learner will find it uncomplicated to gather the required subject information. The interrelationships between all the contents of Building Specifications have been meticulously researched and established by the author. This gives the book a unique qualitative flavour of assisting the reader to efficiently relate the relevance of every topic to its respective project circumstances. The purpose of the book as a tome of applied knowledge has been efficiently achieved.

This book - Building Specification has been written with the spectrum of stakeholders and their specific needs taken into consideration. It is expected that this publication will become an indispensable companion of anyone who wishes to know, learn more and better about Building Specifications.