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From the Director's Desk

Director's Desk

Ladder to Success

Architecture of today has become very complex and incorporates allied fields and science like it never did before. Complex and ever changing typologies, technical development and material advancement and its synthesis with architecture is the real challenge of today's architectural world. Architecture can also not forget its fundamental base of being essentially art and it's finer nuances of sense, sensibilities and aesthetics. The understanding of this two diverse though processes and their incorporation into architectural education is the real challenge of today. We at LTJSS have taken up this challenge and are trying to impart architectural education which not only respects these but tries to go few steps beyond it.

Our educational thrust is based on a very high level of commitment and involvement where we expect all out students to breathe architecture every moment. That is the only ladder to success if one needs to become an architect who will make a mark on the architectural scene. Our educational module is based on this and we at PIADS & LTIADS feel that once this happens, PIADian's and LTIADian's will not only make a mark on the national architectural scene but be successful internationally. We are on our way to making architectural education at LTJSS, one that can be looked upto and will compete with the highest and sought after institutes of national repute. We are committed to making PIADS and LTIADS centers of excellence in architectural education.

Prof. Habeeb Khan