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List of Electives for B. Arch

Semester I :-

Elective 1a

Elective 1b

  • Presentation Skills/
    Public Speaking/
    Sketching & Rendering/
    Communication Skills-I
  • Mathematical Applications/
    Statistical Methods/
    Numerical Abilities/
    Scale & Proportion

Semester II :-

Elective 2a

Elective 2b

  • Presentation Skills-II/
    Public Speaking-II/
    Sketching & Rendering-II/
    Foreign Languages/
    Communication Skills-II
  • Fundamentals of Painting/
    Fundamentals of Sculpture/
    Fundamentals of Drawing Techniques/
    Fundamentals of Photograph/
    Visual Arts

Semester III :-

Elective 3a

Elective 3b

  • Environmental Studies/
    Rural Architecture/
    Vernacular Architecture/
    Environmental Impacts
  • History of Indian Traditional Art & Crafts/
    Art Appreciation/
    Architectural Documentation/
    Critical Appreciation

Semester IV :-

Elective 4a

Elective 4b

  • Graphic Softwares/
    Web Design/
    Building Simulation & Modelling/
    Computer Applications-I
  • Anthropometrics & Ergonomics/
    Product Design/
    Design of Building Elements/

Semester V :-

Elective 5a

Elective 5b

  • Building Automation Systems/
    Advanced Building Materials/
    Specialised Services/
    Computer Applications-II
  • Appropriate Technology/
    Eco Friendly Architecture/
    Regional Architecture/
    Sustainable Development/
    Green Architecture/
    Landscape Design Studio

Semester VI :-

Elective 6a

Elective 6b

  • Project Management/
    Data Management Techniques/
    Computer Aplications in Estimating & Costing/
    Architect's Office & Site Practices
  • Advanced Spatial Analysis/
    Environmental Psychology/
    Man-Environment Relationship/
    Architectural Appreciation

Semester VII :-

Elective 7a

Elective 7b

  • Architectural Education/
    Design Process/
    Interior Design/
    Landscape Design/
    Advanced Spatial Analysis/
  • Urban Planning/
    Urban Aesthetics/
    Infrastructure Planning/

Semester VIII :-

Elective 8a

  • Industrial Architecture/
    Long Span Structures/
    High Rise Buildings/
    Campus Planning/
    Urban Design/
    High Tech. Architecture